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About The Brennan Law Firm

The Brennan Law Firm, LLC has served hundreds of clients in a multitude of practice areas since Terry Brennan founded it in 2003. Founded in Maryland as a civil litigation firm, the Firm has grown over the years, both in size and in practice areas. Over nearly two decades, Mr. Brennan has expanded his practice from focusing on general civil matters to assisting clients with a multitude of practice areas. He has also resumed practice in Texas, where he first practiced law before founding the Firm.

Today, The Brennan Law Firm is a general civil practice active in litigation, real estate, and estate planning. The Brennan Law Firm now provides services in Maryland, Texas, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.


About Heritage Estate Planning

Heritage Estate Planning is a distinct division of The Brennan Law Firm focused on wills, trusts, and probate in Sugar Land, Texas. Unlike the other practice areas of The Brennan Law Firm, which all share the same staff, Heritage Estate Planning has its own manager, Paul Brennan. Paul focuses all of his efforts on ensuring that our estate planning clients receive swift and top-notch service. Backed by Attorney Brennan's decades of legal experience and nurtured by our manager's attentive and eager service, Heritage Estate Planning is a small but quickly growing division of The Brennan Law Firm, LLC.


Our Goals

At Heritage Estate Planning, we view our services not as a simple transaction that ends with the execution of your will or trust (i.e., signing it and putting it into effect), but instead as an ongoing relationship. After all, executing an estate planning document is only the beginning. In the following years, you will want to make sure that your plan stays up-to-date with state law. You may also want to amend or restate your will or trust as your assets grow or diminish, or due to wanting to distribute your assets differently. Ensuring that your will or trust is still fully operational and accurately describes your wishes for what happens upon your death will give you peace of mind for years to come.

We want to help our clients solve problems and handle business, family, and property matters wisely. As part of this ongoing relationship, we can assist you not only with creating a will or trust, but also with issues involving your most important transactions, such as setting up, running, and selling a business or buying and selling a home or other real estate. Mr. Brennan's knowledgeable perspective on business law can provide crucial insight into the best way to set up your business to provide for your family throughout your life and beyond. His expertise on real estate and estate law can also prove instrumental in keeping your home out of the hands of creditors and keeping it a safe place for your children.

In short, we aspire to be your go-to counsel for all of your family's business and property affairs and concerns, starting with making plans for your property and your family upon your death. We believe that a person of any age would be well served by having a plan in place for their assets if they should die unexpectedly. Having experts like Mr. Brennan on call to assist you with any business or estate concern is an invaluable resource.

Our Resources

In order to provide services of the highest quality, Mr. Brennan and his team work to be as informed and knowledgeable as possible. The Firm is a member of WealthCounsel, a network of estate planning attorneys, giving us access to the latest analysis of legal developments and estate planning techniques and practices. We also maintain a comprehensive subscription to Westlaw, a legal publisher, providing thousands of case studies, articles, and other resources for legal research. Mr. Brennan also participates in many hours of ongoing legal education each year. Mr. Brennan's experience also serves as a valuable source, as he has practiced law for decades in multiple states, and he regularly educates his staff on a variety of legal topics, ensuring that they are knowledgeable on a variety of issues.

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